Hiking in Narnia

Over the past weekend, David and I filmed our first vlog over on our Woke U.P. Wild YouTube Channel. For our first vlog, we chose an adventure fairly close to home, the Narnia Trail, aka Bush Bay Hiking Trail, in Cedarville, Michigan located in the Upper Peninsula.

We were super excited and EXTREMELY nervous/anxious to put ourselves out there in the world. Turns out we were feeling slightly camera shy. It was our first time filming with our camera, so we already have learned a lot from this process.

Here is the full vlog:

Narnia is truly a magical trail! It is full of moss covered boulders, with trees growing on top. It feels like you may have entered an alternate world… *NARNIA*

Round trip the hike is just under 4 miles. You start at the Bush Bay Scenic Overlook, you hike about 1.9 miles along the Lake Huron Shoreline, through a magical forest, and it ends at a beautiful sandy beach!

Lucky for us, we had a beautiful day! The day started off windy and cloudy, but part way through our hike, the sun came out and it was a beautiful 65 degree fall day!

When we got to the beach we found a log to sit and eat snacks and recap out travels. Our hike back was spent just enjoying nature, with no phones or cameras.

What we learned:

  • We need a microphone! – Our sound out in the wind was pretty rough
  • Overcome fear, camera shyness, and be more personable front of the camera
  • Invest in a gimbal if we are going to be moving while videoing
  • Include more voiceovers explaining what we are doing

Thank you, we are so happy if anyone took the time to watch our first video! We couldn’t be more appreciative of any and all feedback. Woke U.P. Wild is excited to put more content out there, and so excited to see where this journey takes us.

Ashlee + Dave on their Hike through Narnia

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A multi-part UP Color Tour Vlog is in the works this coming weekend. If you have some must-have places to visit, eat at, or to feature, be sure to let us know!


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