Life Update & Career Change

Everyone always says new year, new me.. Well, this year I took it a little more literally. I have some HUGE life and career change updates that are happening in 2022.

I will be going through a complete career change!

This was the hardest decision I’ve had to make in a long time, but I’ve decided that I would regret not taking the risk, more than I would regret leaping into the unknown.

I’m saying goodbye to my much loved job as a Website Administrator, to start a new career at Cloverland Electric Cooperative.

The amount of anxiety this crossroad has brought me was extremely overwhelming. I spent a lot of time playing through different scenarios in my head.. What if it doesn’t work out, what if I regret this decision? I’m comfortable where I am and I like what I do, so why would I even what to leave?

I sought advice from many people, and they were super helpful in reminding me change is SUPPOSED to feel scary. They assured me that I will be fine and will continue to have more growth and success in this new opportunity. My anxiety was still SCREAMING at me, and I had to talk myself off several ledges, repeating change is GOOD. I lost hours of sleep over the decision. I wanted to skip the gym and just lay in bed for hours each morning. But despite the struggles, I knew I had to get up and go to the gym and move my body. I have learned over the years, exercise is exactly what helps my anxiety and helps clear my mind.

I cried when I put my notice in. My current employer was more than understanding and supportive, which definitely made the whole process a relief. I’ve never left a job that I LOVED before. But being just 26, I had to consider future opportunities.

I start my new journey on January 31st!

I’m nervous, but extremely excited. Getting into a new routine will be challenging at first, as always. So, send me some good vibes for this new endeavor 🙂 I will have to update once I get into the swing of things!

For now, I’m going to miss doing marketing, online marketing, designing and building websites every single day. I’m excited to see how I grow and the new opportunities this new career path may take me.

I will be taking on Freelance Projects!

I’m going to continue building/designing websites in more of a freelance capacity, as these are valuable skills I want to continue to develop. So if you or anyone you know needs website design or development, or other online marketing services, please contact me. I have a list of services offered here.

I’m hoping by taking a break from corporate web design & development, will allow me to work more creatively in my down time. After spending 8 hours a day at multiple computer screens, working on big website projects, graphic design, and social media, it’s usually the LAST thing I want to do when I get home. I hope this will allow me to grow my freelance business, write more, create more for Woke U.P. Wild and maintain my newly created health & wellness community – Smash With Ash!

If you have ever had to make a difficult career change, I would love to hear about it. Let’s chat on socials, or share your story here in the comments!


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