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The following sections and images are projects Ashlee has completed through her education at Lake Superior State University.

Designing & Creating Event Logo for Posters, Social Media, Event T-shirts, & Banners.
Designing and Printing Sponsorship Banner for the event.
Facebook Ad Campaign for Cindy’s Riding Stable

Cindy’s Riding Stable is a riding stable on Mackinac Island, MI. They wanted to boost their Facebook posts to see if they could get more people seeing their posts and interacting with their page to build relationships with their customers. They asked Ashlee and a group of marketers at Lake State to help. They gave them a budget of $200, and asked them to promote their posts for one week. The results are as follows:

Reach: 10 (number of people seeing their posts) and Engagement: 4 (number of people interacting with their posts) before the Campaign.
Facebook Ad Campaign for the Lukenda School of Business

The goal of this campaign was to get high school juniors and seniors in Michigan and some of the surrounding areas, to click on the ad and sign up to receive more information about Lake Superior State University and the Lukenda School of Business. Ashlee and her team chose to target these students with keywords that would interest them if they were to attend LSSU, such as hiking, fishing, hunting, outdoor activities, etc. The group was able to conduct a focus group with area high school students to present the ad, through the feedback given, the group was able to alter the ad to better suit their target market. Samples of the ads will follow.

With the feedback of the focus group, Ashlee and her team redesigned the ad using a seasonal picture to highlight some of LSSU’s Extreme Education and weather, and a picture of a business class giving a presentation.
Bowl United – fundraiser event for United Way of the EUP.

This event was on March 22, 2015 at the DonDee Lanes in Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan. The event was to raise money for the United Way of the EUP. Ashlee was a leader in organizing and planning the event. Her main role was designing the creative image and brand for the event. She also created and printed all of the signage. With only a month and a half to prepare the event, Ashlee and her team managed to raise a total of $1,755.00.

Posing and Photographing the Bowl United Group for the Press release published by The Sault Evening News two days before the event.
Presenting and Photographing check donation to United Way of the EUP for a grand total of $1,755.00 raised.
Reach: 25,840 (number of people seeing their posts) and Engagement: 1,122 (number of people interacting with their posts) after the Campaign ran for one week.
Also Cindy’s Riding Stable gained 122 likes during this Campaign.
$168.41 of the $200 budget was spent.
This is the Ad created before meeting with the focus group. The focus group gave helpful feedback which included that the image of the building was unappealing, but they did like the hashtag, #ExtremeEducation.

After the four weeks the ad was ran, the Lukenda School of Business Facebook Campaign resulted in over 120,000 people viewing the ad, more than 2,500 website clicks, 8 person requesting more information, and a total spent of $529.70. Not only does this conversion potentially generate $40,000-$120,000 in revenue for the school (from the 30% conversion rate at LSSU), but over 120,000 people gained Brand Awareness of the school through the ad campaign at a cost of just under one-half penny per person.


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