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Marketing Assistant for Soo Co-op Credit Union


The following images are the advertisements across various mediums that have been created by Ashlee Bonnee for Soo Co-op Credit Union. (Property of Soo Co-op Credit Union)

Project Manager & Videographer for the 2016 Love My Credit Union Share the Love Campaign. Participating credit unions submitted a video showcasing credit unions giving back to their communities. The video with the most votes could win up to $21,000 for the charity of their choice. Soo Co-op Credit Union chose to raise funds for Hospice of the EUP. Voting is taking place beginning October 1, 2016 through December 16, 2016. To view the vote, visit
Back To School Loan Digital Ad for TV Slideshows in Credit Union Branch Lobbies to promote loan special to existing members.
Account Update Digital Ad for TV Slideshows in Credit Union Branch Lobbies – This promotion had 1328 people updating their accounts in a 2 month period.
Mobile Banking Web Banner displayed on SCCU website, encouraging members to use Mobile Banking Services.
Sault News Snowmobile Map Advertisement for I-500 week. Building brand awareness for SCCU in the community.
Eastern Upper Peninsula Horseman’s Association Program Ad. Building brand awareness in the community for SCCU.
April is National Credit Union Youth Month. During this month this poster was placed in branches and online. During the month of April 2015, 417 youth members made deposits and 26 new youth accounts were opened.
Youth Month Savings Challenge Winner of an Amazon Kindle Fire, with Marketing Assistant, Ashlee Bonnee.
SCCU Marketing Department at Lakerpalooza at LSSU for new students. Creating brand awareness in the student community. Also promoting our Shared Banking option available at our branch for participating credit unions all over the country.
Soo Co-op Credit Union launched a redesigned website in June 2016. Ashlee was instrumental in designing this website, the layout, the look, the feel, the placement and type of content, imagery, and currently maintains and updates this new website daily. To view a screen shot of the old website before Ashlee redesigned it, please see the next slide. To view a live version of the current website, please visit
Soo Co-op Credit Union’s old, out of date website that Ashlee redesigned.
Mortgage Digital Ad for TV Slideshows in Credit Union Lobbies to promote mortgage loans to existing members.
SCCU Financial Services Digital Ad for TV Slideshows in Credit Union Branch Lobbies.
Credit Card Promotion Poster displayed in Credit Union Branch Lobbies. For the first quarter, this promotion generated 197 new Visa Credit Cards opened. This compares to the previous year’s first quarter of 52 new Visa Credit Cards. For a total increase of 378%.
E-Statement Web Banner displayed on SCCU website, encouraging members to sign up for e-Statements. 685 members have signed up for E-Statements during the 9 months this promotion has been run.
E-Services Advertisement printed on Drive-Up Envelopes.
Mass E-Mail sent to members regarding a Black Friday Loan Promotion. This E-Mail had a 27% open rate with a 3% click-through rate.
Soo Co-op Credit Union puts on a Financial Reality Fair twice a year at Sault Area High School. More than 1300 students have gone through this fair, teaching students about how to manage their own finances after they are out on their own.


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