Woke U.P. Wild

Woke U.P. Wild was created to showcase the beauty and everyday life living in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Founded by two adventure seeking Yoopers – Ashlee Bonnee & David Jensen. Both have a passion for exploring, trying new activities, and creating content. Join them hiking, exploring, water & snow sports, and more!

What is Woke U.P. Wild?

  • It’s starting out as a VLOG! Subscribe here.
  • We’ll be filming and narrating our adventures. Our goal is to be raw and real, with not too much post production editing. We want to show everything that can go right, as well as some of what might go wrong.
  • We are starting out by just exploring the U.P. but we would to grow and eventually explore beyond!
  • Our hope is to build Woke U.P. Wild as more than just a vlog, but as a brand. We would love to sell merch, gear, be your guides, and keep the options endless in the future.
  • We want inspire others to “wake up wild”, where ever they are!

How can you support?

  • Just follow along!
  • Subscribe to our YouTube Channel
  • Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, & TikTok
  • Like, Comment, Save, & Share
  • This is all we ask of you to keep us going and inspired to create more content.

Also, this is our first ever vlog! Any and all feedback is welcome and appreciated. This will be a trial and error process as we learn more about vlogging, filming, and editing.

We would love to partner up and feature you on our vlog. If you are interested in working with us at all, feel free to email us at wokeupwild@gmail.com.

We are so excited to start this new journey. We are beyond grateful to have your support.


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